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Attack Phase
      Scramble Eggs with Cheddar Cheese, Tea Roasted Chicken Breast with Spices    
          Oatbran Pancake, Coffee      

Dukan Diet Menu Samples: PP Phase and PV Phase

A lot of new Dukan dieters may have no idea of what to have during the attack phase (PP) as well as the cruise phase (PP + PV). The sample menus below may provide some suggestions of what to eat during these two initial phases.

Drinking a lot of water is very crucial while following any diet plan. The same rule applies to Dukan diet as well, especially during Pure-Proteins phase. Plenty of water is needed in order to wash away the ketone accumulated in the body of dieter, which is a by-product of a high-protein diet. Dieters need to drink at least 2 liters of liquids during the attack phase. Besides plain water, other  drinks such as diet soda, sparkling water, mineral water, herbal tea are also on the list. During cruise phase, soya milk and vegetable juice can be added too. All drinks should be sugar-free or with artificial sweetener.


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Dukan Diet Pure-Protein (PP) Phase Sample Menu







  • Tea/Coffee/Skimmed Milk

  • Plain Water/Diet Soda

  • Plain Water/ Tea/Coffee

  • Plain Water/Diet Soda

Alternative 1

  • Low fat cottage cheese with grilled chicken breast

  • Roasted beef with spices

  • Cinnamon oat bran pancake

  • Low fat yogurt (unsweetened)

  • Steamed garlic tiger prawns and crabs

Alternative 2

  • 2 slices of low fat ham with scramble eggs

  • Steamed sea bass with ginger

  • Oat bran seafood porridge

  • Hard boiled eggs with BBQ Prawns

Alternative 3

  • 2 slices of turkey ham and low fat cream cheese

  • Grilled salmon with spices


  • Oat bran chicken nuggets

  • Muesli ice-cream

  • Grilled squid and crab

Alternative 4

  • Half-boiled eggs with low fat cottage cheese

  • Grilled chicken marinated with curry powder

  • Oat bran muffins

  • Seafood tofu soup

Alternative 5

  • Grilled chicken fillets

  • Steamed cod fish with herbs

  • Low fat yoghurt unsweetened)

  • Low fat cottage cheese with oat bran

  • Beef steak marinated with black pepper

Alternative 6

  • Omelets with curry powder and low fat bacon

  • Smoked salmon with herbs

  • Oat bran cookies

  • Grilled lobster with lemon juice

Alternative 7

  • 2 Half-boiled eggs with dried chicken crisp

  • Roasted turkey breast

  • Oat bran pancake

  • Grilled veal chop with herbs


Dukan Diet Protein-Vegetable (PV) Phase Sample Menu







  • Tea/Coffee/Veggie Juice/Soya Milk/Skimmed milk

  • Plain Water/Diet Soda/Vegetable Juice/Soya Milk

  • Tea/Coffee/Veggie Juice/Soya Milk

  • Plain Water/Diet Soda/Veggie Juice/Soya Milk

Alternative 1

  • 2 Half-boiled eggs and steamed pumpkin

  • Roasted beef with asparagus

  • Cinnamon-carrot oat bran bread

  • Seafood soup with tofu and tomatoes

Alternative 2

  • Onion-mushrooms scramble eggs

  • Cottage cheese

  • Baked herring with spices and aubergine

  • Oat bran porridge with yogurt

  • Hardboiled egg-prawn salad

Alternative 3

  • Steamed eggs with chicken pieces

  • Greek yogurt

  • Salmon-prawn curry with spaghetti squash

  • Oat bran fish nuggets

  • Grilled squid and crab salad

Alternative 4

  • Pumpkin creamy soup with bacon

  • Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce and broccoli

  • Oat bran pumpkin muffins

  • Lettuce-onion-celery soup with chicken

Alternative 5

  • Turkey-onion egg quiche

  • Grilled pigeon and mixed-veggie salad

  • Low fat yoghurt

  • Oat bran chocolate brownies

  • Grilled black pepper venison steak with mixed salad

Alternative 6

  • Scramble eggs with tomatoes and low fat bacon

  • Stir-fry chicken liver with Brussels sprout

  • Tuna oat bran patties

  • Grilled lobster salad

Alternative 7

  • Hardboiled egg salad with dried chicken crisp

  • Seafood-veggie curry

  • Oat bran marrow pancake

  • Stir-fry calf's liver and kidney with ginger and mushroom


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