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Dukan Diet Cruise Phase 2: Rules and Meal Plan

The Cruise phase is designed to gradually bring dieters to their targeted yet realistic body weight or their True Weight. The length of cruise phase will depend how much weight a dieter intend to lose. On average, dieter needs to go for 7 days for every kg they want to shed. In other words, if a person needs to shed off, for example 9 kgs of weight, then he will be staying in this phase for about 2 months.

For Dukan diet phase 2 or Cruise phase, vegetables are added into the diet menu. There is a list of 28 vegetables for dieters to choose from. All these are non-starchy vegetables. Starchy veggies which are high in carb such as beets, carrots, peas, potatoes, corn, parsnips, etc. are not included in the list. These veggies will only be added in the phase 3.

In this phase, dieters can consume unlimited quantity of these 28 vegetables at the same time eating unlimited amount of the 72 lean proteins. However, they are not allowed to have vegetables every day. They can only have it on alternate basis, i.e. one day of Pure-Protein then followed by one day of Protein-Vegetable. Go here for Dukan Diet Food List.


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Dukan Diet Rules for Cruise Phase

Drinking plenty of water daily is still very important. If consuming other drinks, for example tea, coffee, vegetable juice, or soya milk, all should be sugar-free or being sweetened with artificial sweetener.

Daily consumption of oat bran should also be continued. In this phase, dieters can increase the quantity of oat bran to 2 tablespoons, instead of 1 ˝ tablespoons.

Daily physical activities should be continued too. If possible, it is best to increase the duration of moderate exercise such as daily slow walk.


Dukan Diet Meal Plan Sample for Protein-Vegetable (PV) Phase

  • Breakfast:
    Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and bacon pieces
    Unsweetened soya milk

  • Lunch:
    Grilled chicken breast with mushroom sauce and French beans
    A cup of low fat yoghurt
    A bottle of diet soda

  • Snack:
    Oat bran pumpkin pancakes
    Vegetable juice

  • Dinner:
    Grilled salmon with salad leaves
    Unsweetened herbal tea

For more ideas on what to have, go to Dukan Diet Menu samples.

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