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Dukan Diet Attack Phase 1: Rules and Meal Plan

The attack phase aims to kick-start the weight loss process. The duration for this phase may range from 5 to 10 days depending on dieters ‘existing weight and how well the process goes. There is a "true weight calculator" from official Dukan diet site that facilitates for more precise estimation for each individual. The attack phase is said to produce fast weight loss result.

For Dukan diet Phase 1 or Attack phase, what dieters can eat is only pure proteins. Therefore, this phase is also known as Pure-Protein or PP phase. There are all together 72 high-protein foods for them to choose from. Dieters can have whatever amount they like for these foods. However, they should always bear in mind that they are only allowed to eat the lean or fat-free portion of the meat. For example, a person may have seafood such as fish, poultry such as chicken and eggs, and skimmed or low-fat dairy products. However, pork and lamb is not in the list. Go here for Dukan Diet Food List.


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Dukan Diet Rules for Attack Phase

Besides eating protein foods, dieters also need to have 1 ½ tablespoons of oat bran every day. In Dukan diet, oat bran is the main source of fiber that will ease the constipation, especially during PP phase. Oat bran can be served in any way at any meal, either as plain oat bran porridge or with yoghurt, or made into oat bran muffins or pancakes.

Dieters need to drink a lot too, at least 2 liter of fluids. All drinks should have no sugar added. If prefer, artificial sweetener can be used as a replacement.

Apart from changing eating habit, dieters are also reminded to increase their daily physical activities. Simple exercise such as a slow walk to bus station, climbing up stairs or walking in the office during lunch time for 15 minutes are considered good enough. Extensive workouts are on the other hand not encouraged during this phase.


Dukan Diet Meal Plan Sample for Pure-Protein (PP) Phase

  • Breakfast:
    Hardboiled eggs with fat-free bacon
    Unsweetened coffee

  • Lunch:
    Seafood-tofu creamy soup
    Green tea with Stevia

  • Snack:
    Oat bran porridge served with yoghurt
    Unsweetened tea

  • Dinner:
    Grilled beef steak marinated with spices
    Plain water

For more ideas on what to have, go to Dukan Diet Menu samples.

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