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What is the Dukan Diet?

Dukan diet is a protein-based, low carb, low fat diet plan created by Pierre Dukan, a French physician about 30 years ago. It is a well-known diet plan in France and is followed by a lot of people with weight problem. Though this diet has existed for quite a long time, it is only becoming popular since year 2000. A book written by Pierre Dukan with title “The Dukan Diet” is selling like a hot cake both in France and globally. The English version of “The Dukan Diet” book was available in United Kingdom and United States in May 2010 and April 2011 respectively.


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Dukan Diet aims to redesign dieters eating habits as well as helping them to stabilize their weight permanently. It promises that if dieters adhere to the instructions, they will be able to achieve their true weight as well as maintaining it entirely. This diet plan proposes dieters to consume foods which founded the human species, which are proteins and vegetables. There is a list of 100 foods that are allowed, 72 are animal-protein while 28 are vegetables. In Dukan diet, there are no food calories counting or consumption amount restriction. Dieters can eat whatever quantity they like any time, as long as they are eating the foods allowed at the respective phase.

The Dukan Diet Plan

The Dukan diet plan has four main phases, which are attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization. The attack phase is aimed to kick-starting the metabolism and facilitates quick weight loss, about 2 to 3 kgs or 4 to 6 lbs within 2 to 7 days. The cruise phase is to help dieters achieving targeted weight gradually. The duration of this phase will depend on individual conditions as well as amount of weight to lose. It is normally calculated as 1 kg or 2.2 lbs of weight loss per week. The consolidation phase that follows after cruise phase is to avoid massive regaining of weight. The final stabilization phase is a phase that dieters should follow through their entire life to prevent weight gain.

There are some side effects of Dukan diet, which are due to the low-carb high-protein diet. Dieters may experience bad breath, dry mouth, fatigue as well as constipation. Those who have heard of Atkins diet might find these sound familiar. There are people commenting that Dukan diet is the French version Atkins diet. 



For Dukan diet Phase 1 or Attack phase, what dieters can eat is only pure proteins. Therefore, this phase is also known as Pure-Protein or PP phase. Read more......


For Dukan diet phase 2 or Cruise phase, vegetables are added into the diet menu. There is a list of 28 vegetables for dieters to choose from. Read more......


For Dukan diet Phase 3 or Consolidation phase, foods that were previously forbidden, for example fruit, bread, cheese and other starchy foods are now allowed but with limited quantity. Read more......


The stabilization phase is the maintenance part of the diet plan.  The main focus of this phase is some rules for dieters to follow, instead of the food they consume. Read more......

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